Visual Studio Warning LNK4042: object specified more than once extras ignored

When I encountered this warning during compiling, I went searching what this warning really caused. It happened that somehow I had two separate files, having the same name. Due to this, the compiler warned me about this design flaw. When I searched on the internet on this warning, I saw a lot of posts of people who suggested to change the project settings of Visual Studio. Read More…

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Design by contract

Design by contract is a technique, introduced by Betrand Meyer and applied within the Eiffel programming language. The concept allows a programmer to document the rights and responsibilities of everyone who uses your code. A contract (not to be confused with a .Net WCF contract) can contain the following elements:

  • A precondition;
  • An invariant;
  • A postcondition.

Preconditions state the conditions that must be met in order to enter the method. For example a parameter “i” must have a positive value. Postconditions describe the conditions of the result of the method. An invariant states the condition which will be always be true, seen from a perspective from the calling party. Using the pre-, postconditions and invariants you can also show the correctness of a program. Read More…

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