GTD versus Agile: two of a kind?

Last year I embraced the Getting Things Done methodology of David Allen. “Be a collector of good ideas, but don’t trust your memory – Jim Rohn” is the main philosophy of Getting Things Done (GTD). Within GTD all tasks you want to accomplice, you write down at one central place. At regular intervals you empty this list. Seems a lot like Agile? Yes. This is exact a version of our backlog. But since there are two methods, having two different names, there should be some difference. Or not? Can I use Agile to perform all the tasks within life and also the higher level ones like your long term goals? And what about the other way around? Could GTD be used to organise a software project? Let’s have a look at the different area’s both methods tries to get grip on.

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Best practices when using constructors

When it comes to constructors, I always suggest not using any code in the constructor except the code that initializes local members. All other code could possibly throw an exception. Use only the constructor to pass the parameters to its local members. The reason behind this is, when an exception occurs, the calling party retrieves a null pointer. This misuses the main purpose of a constructor, namely allocating memory and returning a pointer to the new created instance.

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