Defining user stories, minimize the cost

It is up to the Product Owner (PO) to exactly define what he or she expects from a user story within the Definition of Done.

It is up to the team to challenge the PO to have a proper defined user story.

If in the sprint review the PO isn’t satisfied with the end result, saying he or she expected more, the PO is accountable for the result.

On the other hand the team had also to challenge the PO to ask for what he exactly expected from the story.

Both PO and Team are involved, so both are responsible. If the first one doesn’t take the right action, the end destination of the team is very unsure, so changes are big the result doesn’t fit. A PO who has never got time to answer the questions of the team, isn’t a good fit.

If the team fails, they can be blamed asking the wrong or lack asking of questions. Both faults will come at a cost. But be sure you minimize the costs.

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