Negativity in a software development team

Some people tent to spread this negativity along within project teams. Negativity is a bad thing, it drains down the effectiveness and joy within teams. These persons complain constantly at all things, that everyone is wrong, everything sucks and they only know what should be done differently. And off course –seen from their side– they are nothing to blame for, it is the rest that suck.

This kind of negative behavior within a team is a disaster for any team. As Napoleon Hill quite frankly states it, “a bad mindset attracts a bad outcome“. This is quite easy to explain; think you just bought a red car. Now when you look around you, you will think you will see more red cars then before. The reason for is, that our mind will filter out everything where it is focused on. The same is true for having a bad attitude within the team. It will affect other people, and people are beginning to lose confidence in the goals that are defined within the team. What is the reason for this kind of behavior, and what can you do about it?

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