Do we need need software architecture or even software architects?

A lot of projects struggle with the fact, when and how much time needs to be spend on software design and software architecture. Although these are two separate things, they are entangled with each other.

I once had the discussion with a software developer that no time should be spend at all on software architecture. To him writing down software designs and architecture where not needed at all, it would turn everything into concrete. The design and architecture would grow naturally while coding. Assuming that, architecture and design would imply that once written, you never could change it. As we will see later on, leaving out the design will even lead to software that can’t be changed later on.

On the other side, there are projects where pages of documentation regarding the architecture is described. To find out what the good balance is and when to spend time at design and architecture within Agile, I started to look what exactly the two area’s tend to fulfill and how they could be embraced by Agile.

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