Key takeaways of Robert C. Martin’s book “Clean Code”

Since I see writing code as a craftmanship, I’m also very keen on writing high quality code. In the beginning it might take more time to write your code with a high quality, but in the end this will pay back. For sure the bigger a project becomes, more time it will take to add or change functionality or fix bugs in poorly written code.

When it comes to high quality code, of the aspects that come to mind is that it’s clean code. Clean code helps your team to write and maintain in an efficient way your code base. What properties must programming code have to become clean? Robert C. Martin (a.k.a. Uncle Bob), describes in his book Clean Code – A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship” a number of aspects clean code could have. In this blog, I want to discuss the key takeaways I found within this book.

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Book review “Developer Testing”

Testing is a craft that requires not only effort of a test team. Also developers are obligated to take their share into testing. While wanting to increase the awareness of testing within our development team, I picked up the book “Developer Testing”, written by Alexander Tarlinder. As the title sais, it focuses on what a developer can do to increase the quality of his or her software by testing. In this post I will shortly describe the book and what you could benefit from it.

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